Electronic locks and fire doors become one of the key points of national sampling inspection on product quality in 2021. How to avoid

Time:2021/7/6 9:33:02

Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued a notice on the national supervision and sampling inspection plan for product quality in 2021. A total of 137 products, including electronic and electrical products, agricultural means of production, construction and decoration materials, electrical and material products, machinery and security products, daily necessities and textiles, consumer durables and food-related products, are covered in the plan, according to the announcement. It includes spot checks on fire doors and electronic locks.

I. Electronic and electrical appliances (36 kinds)
II. Means of agricultural production (6 kinds)
III. Construction and decoration materials (19 kinds)
1. Building materials (5 kinds) :)
2. Decoration decoration materials (14) : intelligent toilet, ceramic toilet, ceramic chip seal water mouth, brick of pottery and porcelain, shower with showers, with stainless steel sinks, bathroom furniture, rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC -u) pipes, non-contact water mouth, heating radiator, solvent wood coatings, MDF, particle board, fire door
IV. Electrical and material products (7 kinds)
1. Low-voltage electrical appliances and electrical accessories (4 types) : extension cord sockets (with power adapters), residual current actuating circuit breakers for household and similar purposes, overcurrent protective circuit breakers for household and similar purposes, plugs and sockets for household and similar purposes
2. Metal materials (2 kinds) :
3. Other electrical products (1 kind) :
V. Machinery and security products (23 kinds)
1. Vehicle related products (10 kinds) :
2. Explosion-proof electrical (3 types) :
3. Labor protection products (4 kinds) :
4. Safety technology protection products (6 kinds) : lock, electronic lock, hazardous chemical packaging (metal bucket, tank), hazardous chemical packaging (steel bucket), hazardous chemical packaging (aerosol packaging), RMB discriminator
6. Daily Use and Textiles (20 kinds)
7. Durable consumer goods (14 types)
8. Food related products (12 kinds)

How to avoid "stepping on thunder" in production enterprises

1. The standards implemented in the random check

The State Administration for Market Regulation shall, in the course of routine sampling inspection, conduct sampling inspection of products in accordance with the principle of national standard, trade standard, group standard and enterprise standard. In simple terms, is an industry if there are national standards according to the requirements of national standard product sampling, if there is no national standard is in accordance with industry standard sampling, in the same way if there is no industry standard, according to group standards executed, no group according to the enterprise own standard (the standard must set up a file in the departments of Standardization Administration under the local government) to perform.
2. Smart lock sampling inspection standards.
At present, the national standard for locks is "General Technical Conditions for Lock Safety" (GB 21556-2008). There is no national standard for smart locks to be implemented. Industry standards for the Ministry of Public Security led the draft of the mandatory implementation of the standard "electronic anti-theft lock" (GA 374-2019), "fingerprint anti-theft lock general technical conditions" (GA701-2007), The group standards mainly include the General Technical Conditions for Intelligent Door Llock (T/ SZS 4005-2019) drafted by Shenzhen Institute of Quality and Consumption, and the Technical Specification for the Evaluation of Intelligent Door Llock Intelligent Level (T/CAS 352-2019) drafted by China Institute of Home Appliances.
3. Standard for sampling inspection of fire doors
The current national standards for fire doors mainly include "fire doors" (GB 12955-2008), "composite rock wool board fire cabin part 3: Fire door (GB/T 23913.3-2009), the industry standard mainly includes "Marine fire door" (CB/T 3234-2011), "composite rock wool board fire cabin fire door" (CB/T 3518.3-1992), etc. Group standards mainly include "wooden fire door" (T/ZZB 1708 -- 2020), "steel fire door" (T/ZZB 1612 -- 2020), "steel wood fire door" (T/ZZB 0321 -- 2018), etc.
4. Acquisition of sampling samples
At present, sampling samples of smart locks and fire doors are mainly purchased through online + market. The market supervision and administration department may, in the name of consumers, buy samples of the products sold by producers within its administrative area and those sold by e-commerce operators within its administrative area when sampling the products.
5. Non-conformity caused by product packaging problems
Based on years of sampling inspections, many enterprises, including well-known brands, have been blacklisted by the State Administration for Market Regulation because of packaging problems. Here are some common problems.
(1) There is no Chinese instruction on the product package, and there is no Chinese product instruction, which is mainly for foreign brands.
(2) No product qualification certificate.
(3) There is no enterprise name or production address or contact information, or the three are inconsistent. It should be noted here that part of the products of many enterprises are OEM products. If the OEM is not responsible for external sales, the enterprise name, production address and contact information on the product package must be the entrusting party. If the OEM is the production and sales party, the name, production address and contact information of the enterprise must be the OEM party.

In addition, if the product belongs to the imported brand and there is no production factory in China, the product packaging can not mark the production address, but must mark the enterprise name, address, and contact information of the domestic sales company or the general agent company.

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